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“Everything we need is already inside us…

Greenhouse Advisory is a professional consulting firm with a core focus on one to one mentoring and coaching for emerging leaders and business executives. Founder Joe Ouellette is a confidante and collaborator to trailblazers and creators alike, those interested in embracing change and rising above challenges. While a specific professional ambition or issue may be the initial call to action, this work tends to deepen and broaden as the relationship develops.

meet  Joe:

From humble beginnings to trusted executive and successful entrepreneur, to courageously walking away from a seven-figure income to follow his heart, the one factor has stayed constant in Joe Ouellette’s life is growth.

yet the truth remains, if nothing changes, nothing changes…

real genius, real purpose teeters that line between brilliance and craziness…


success stories

“I began working with Joe while in the midst of a career transition. Joe was instrumental in designing a program that challenged me, took me outside of my comfort zone and ultimately guided me to make the best possible decisions during this transition. Joe introduced practices that I was able to incorporate into my everyday routine and that have stayed with me and allowed me to become better in all aspects of my life. I would highly recommend working with Joe in any capacity.”


“Joe’s ‘superpower’ is his ability to absorb and synthesize information, all the variables that come together to construct complex issues. He’s able to drill into ideas with surgical precision, challenge your thought process in a genuinely caring way, all while focused on the goal of arriving at the truth, ‘your truth.’”


“I am so grateful to Joe, my work with him was life-changing. I deeply admire his outlook on life, his energy, his willingness to be vulnerable. I always left our conversations with a sense of accomplishment. I felt I felt understood, grounded, full of energy, and ready to create the change I wanted.”


“you can count on Joe to challenge you, to challenge your way of thinking, to make you look at things from a growth-oriented perspective, to search for the opportunity in each challenge.”


“Joe is a gifted communicator; he seems fearless in his approach. He was able to help me unravel so many tangled knots and half-baked plans. I feel so much more connected to everything now. If there is one sentence, to sum up working with Joe, it would be that his honesty and openness to you, your well-being, and self-confidence are paramount to him.”


“Joe is extremely attentive in conversation and very open and honest with feedback. He has a unique talent for crafting thought-provoking questions. I enjoy the fact that I almost always come away with actionable steps that connect to the issue or discussion at hand.”


and in the shadows, where our wounds reside, is where our true genius hides.”


If you’re here, you already know that growth takes work, and progress is more sustainable with support. Greenhouse Advisory will help you create the essential roadmap to your desired destination, consciously working with you to cultivate the necessary tools for the journey while taking the time to explore the possibilities thoroughly.
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