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meet  Joe

Joe Ouellette is the founder and principal consultant for Greenhouse Advisory.

Before finding his calling as an executive coach and mentor, Joe spent nearly 20 years in the commercial real estate industry, working his way up from an entry-level accounting position into a high-performance executive and successful entrepreneur. Having grown up in small-town America to unexpecting young parents, while working to overcome a learning disability, Joe discovered early on that regardless of prevailing circumstances we can create our future reality with intention, mindset, and focused effort.
For decades, Joe used that will and that drive to chase all the things we’ve been told we need more of, such as money, accolades, and status, to be content. None of it was ever enough, though. There was a deep void inside Joe. An expensive failed marriage ended up being the stimulus he needed to take a long hard look at his life and his way of being.

Slowly over time, with the help of meditation and other mindful practices, Joe began to realize that missing from his life was a real sense of contribution. That contribution, as it turns out, is service. Specifically, harnessing his unique combination of experience, talents, and temperament to co-create a world of joy by inspiring others to dream more, to learn more, and to be more. In the spring of 2019, after more than one false start, Joe gathered the courage and trust to walk away from the security of his multimillion-dollar commercial real estate career and start Greenhouse Advisory. Today, Joe is happier and more peaceful than ever before, a gift he credits to his journey and this work.

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