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the process

Growth takes work, and you know that.

Whatever your goal, it’s going to take work to get there. We all engage in habits that create the person that we are. Feedback and awareness generate new insights, and insights create opportunities to shift. This work brings clarity and focus to real needs and true intentions. Joe will help you create the essential roadmap to your desired destination, consciously working with you to cultivate the necessary tools for the journey while taking the time to explore the possibilities thoroughly.


During the initial meetings, Joe will work hard to get a strong sense of who you are as a person, how you got where you are today, your fears, and ultimately what you want from your career and life. As part of this intake process, Joe will often ask for consent to speak to others in your work life, to gain a more comprehensive view of how you show up in the world.


Then comes the first consultation, where Joe will lay out the initial blueprints of a growth plan, how it relates to the specific mentoring or coaching topic at hand, and his assessment of where you are today. From here, over a series of sessions, your self-generating and self-correcting work begins. The work is always yours to do, but Joe will be there in a host of crucial support roles, such as a guide, ally, inspiration, challenger, and accountability partner.
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